JENNAI JOHNSON, Brow Specialist & Make Up Artist

Trained under the eloquent hand of Ms. Alexandra of Petra Alexandra Inc. New York, Trinidadian-born Eyebrow Expert and Make-up Artist Jennai Johnson creates magic with her talent and tools of her trade. 

"Makeup comes naturally to me. I get such a delight and contentment transforming my clients. It never feels like work but rather, what I was born to do."

For years Jennai knew her calling was in the field of beauty. She experimented on her friends and they delighted in being her muses.

Obsessed with achieving "the perfect brow", Jennai took her craft extremely serious. She enrolled at Petra Alexandra Inc. and never failed to impress her mentor. There are people who learn a craft and there are those whose natural abilities allow them to excel. Jennai Johnson took her natural talent and tweaked it to almost perfection, almost, only because she is always hungry to learn and stay on top of the latest beauty trends. She is considered to be a perfectionist, she pays close attention to detail but with such passion that it looks effortless.


JOHN COTTON, Celebrity Barber

John Cotton is an expert in the hair industry with a passion for style and technique. Highly acclaimed for his unique and insightful approach to hair cutting and styling, John has elevated the definition of an innovative and contemporary hair stylist. While in New York City, John became quickly sought after from many top Hair Salons. After relocating from Detroit, John’s styling & barbering gifts began to speak for itself. Currently, his most notable clients include Jussie Smollett (from hit TV show, Empire), Virgil Obloh (Creative director at Louis Vuitton) and Jay Pharoah (Actor/ Comedian).  John's widespread notariety has grown since 2017, with him being one of the best specialists of "male units" in the NYC area.  His talent has been covered on Fox 5 NY, BET, and more.


SHAN ARNOLD, Extensions Specialist


With 10+ years in the industry, Shan has become New York City's sought-after Hair Extensions Specialist. Her fabulous work has been featured on several network reality TV shows such as Love & Hip Hop (New York & Atlanta) and HSN (alongside Carol's Daughter). Shan creates natural and undetectable hair extensions.  Whether protective styling or just looking to change up your look, Shan can find a solution to suit any client's needs.  Maintaining integrity is Shan's top priority, using hair extensions to enhance your natural tresses while caring for every strand that lies beneath.



Ashley Lee

ASHLEY LEE, Texture Expert & Colorist


Ashley Lee's passion for quality within the beauty industry is what drives her to be the artist that she is today. With 5+ years in the beauty field, her journey has been a whirlwind of amazing experiences and opportunities. As an artist on the Mizani Education Team, Ashley strives to intertwine knowledge and visual aesthetic to impact the beauty industry. 


With a specialty in coloring textured hair, she showcases the importance of retaining integrity during transformative hair care services.  Through her editorial work, Ashley reinforces her message that quality and beauty go hand in hand.