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A beauty campaign movement to celebrate, nurture and support your desired to Feel, Look and BE Gorgeous without guilt or feeling the need to apologize for wanting to be your most beautiful self.  


Leona Wilson and her team of stylists are highly sought after and are the preferred beauty specialists to provide some of the most memorable beauty makeovers for beauty magazines, daytime television shows, national hair care products including The Wendy Williams Show, Essence, Pantene, Beautiful Textures and more.


To immediately jump start this beauty movement, the LW SALON’S NYC GLAM STYLE TEAM will be selecting One (1) Lady every two months to receive A Full Complimentary Beauty Makeover . So if you - or someone you know; have forgotten how to feel beautiful and don't know where to start and is ready to "Own Your Beautiful Truth, With No Apology" this beauty campaign is for you.


BEAUTY WITHOUT APOLOGY is our way of helping you to stop for a moment and take a beauty time-out for YOU…and never ever have to apologize for looking and feeling beautiful.    


*Please note that we will be selecting candidates for this beauty marketing and promotional campaign via our LW SALON’S social media community.  We are seeking diverse candidates who will consent to a Full Beauty Makeover and all subsequent marketing, promotions, advertisements, etc. To enter please send us a video message or an email with a picture and a brief message on why you are deserving of this make makeover and what "Owning Your Beautiful  Truth" means to you.

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